Business filing deadline: march 15  |  personal & trust filing deadline: april 15   |   Business Extension Deadline: September 15   | Personal Extension Deadline: October 15


Although the IRS offers multiple ways to pay your tax liability, we believe the most secure method is through the IRS - EFTPS process. You can also use the IRS payment page to make a direct payment via credit/debit card or set up direct pay.

Where do I go to pay my tax liability?

We accept checks, credit/debit cards, or ACH bank transfers. 

how do i pay my invoice?

Our base price for individual returns is $450. The more complex your return is the price will increase. We do help with last minute returns if we can fit it in, although an additional rush charge could apply.

Business returns are complex and require more information about your specific return prior to offering a quote. Our team would be happy to discuss your needs on the phone in order to provide you the most accurate pricing possible. 

how much are your services?

Individual Returns - Prior year return, W-2s, 1099’s, and K-1s, itemized deductions such as charitable gifts, property taxes paid, mortgage interest statements

Business Returns - Prior year return, Financial Statements (i.e. general ledger, profit & loss or income statement, and balance sheet)

Trust Returns - Prior year return, Year end Investment statements and/or 1099’s, Other business statements and/or K-1s, Copy of trust agreement, Information on the trustee and beneficiaries (i.e. names, addresses, social security numbers)

Estate Returns - Any financial documents and IRS statements (i.e. 1099s, royalties), Information on the executor or administer of the estate and on the beneficiaries (i.e. names, addresses, social security numbers)

What documents should i send as a new client?

March 15 - Partnerships (1065), S-Corporations (1120-S)

April 15 - Individuals (1040), Corporate (1120), Gifts (709)

When are my taxes due?

To ensure your documents are done in time, they should be sent in no later than 30-45 days before your tax return is due. This helps facilitate healthy discussion with our staff to insure all the pertinent issues are covered prior to filing your return.

when should i send my documents to your firm?



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